Community Food Security Program

No one should experience food insecurity

The Community Food Security Program works to cultivate an equitable and resilient local food system that ensures all Utahns have access to affordable, safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food. The work of CFSP is devoted to serving diverse communities across the state and reducing barriers of access to nutrition options.

Our programs

Our programs offer three-fold benefits to all Utahns: More equitable access to healthy and whole food choices, increased customer basis and sales for local farmers, and retention of food dollars in the local economy. Each program within CSFP has a ripple effect of benefits to the diverse communities it serves.

Double Up Food Bucks

A $1 to $1 match of SNAP benefits at participant farmers markets, farm stands and grocery outlets.
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Produce Rx

A fruit and vegetable voucher program implemented in healthcare settings
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Senior Farmers Market Nutrition

An annual benefit of $50 to spend on fresh fruits, vegetables, and honey at authorized community locations for eligible seniors. 
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Local Food Purchasing Assistance

Improves Utah agriculture and supply chain resilience by supporting emergency food networks to establish partnerships with local food producers.
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Double Up Food Bucks


Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program


Produce Rx

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Double Up Food Bucks (Double Up)

Double Up Food Bucks (Double Up) is a triple win for Utah:

  • Families bring home more healthy food
  • Farmers gain an additional revenue stream
  • More food dollars stay in the local food economy, strengthening communities

The Double Up Food Bucks program is a nutrition incentive program that stretches low-income SNAP recipients’ food budgets while increasing access to fresh, healthy local food. Use your SNAP EBT card to buy fresh vegetables and fruit at participating Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and CSAs.

When you purchase $1 of SNAP eligible items with your SNAP card, you earn $2 in Double Up Food Bucks to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables, up to $60 per day.

Double Up Food Bucks locations (list version)

Double Up Food Bucks locations (map version)


Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program 

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program is a produce incentive program that offers an annual $50 to qualified seniors to spend at authorized sites including farmers markets, farm stands, and various senior centers or community locations statewide.

Criteria for participation:

  • 60+ years of age
  • Household income 185% below FPL
  • Not yet received vouchers this year

2024 Income Level Requirements

Please Note: Seniors must be 185% at or below the poverty limit to participate in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP). Please refer to the very last column on the PDF for income guidelines.

SFMNP offers two options to participate:

Farmers Markets/Farm Stands

Authorized Farmers Markets and Farm Stands are trained to accept vouchers, approve produce and honey vendors, and distribute and accept SFMNP vouchers as payment.

Bulk purchasing locations

Authorized senior centers, community centers, or Commodity Supplemental Food Program distribution sites work with a local grower to coordinate produce drops. Site staff are trained to distribute vouchers to eligible seniors and exchange produce for "purchase."

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Utah Produce Rx

The Utah Produce Rx program is a fruit and vegetable prescription program implemented in a healthcare setting to screen and enroll eligible patients into the program during regular clinic visits. Eligible patients receive up to $300 to spend at participating farmers markets and local retailers. 

Criteria for PRx participation:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Household income 125% below FPL
  • Experiencing food Insecurity

Our partner clinics: 

  • Cottonwood Medical Clinic
  • Hope Clinic
  • Midtown Community Health Center
  • Weber Human Services
  • Sacred Circle
  • Family Healthcare
  • Wellness Bus
  • Utah Partners for Health
  • VA Hospital

Local Food Purchasing Assistance Program

The Local Food Purchasing Assistance Program has operated in Utah since Spring of 2022. This program is supported by USDA funding to support local and socially disadvantaged food producers through building and expanding economic opportunities.The program does this by establishing and broadening partnerships with local producers and local food networks to ensure distribution of fresh and nutritious foods in underserved communities.

In the first year of operation, the program has seen 181,148 lbs of food purchased from local, disadvantaged farmers and distributed to food insecure Utahns. This food has been distributed to an estimated 60,000 food insecure individuals at 598 food distribution events across the Salt Lake Valley, Moab area and Ogden area.

Meet our Team

Natalie Loots, MPH, CPH, CHES
Natalie Loots manages the Community Food Security Program. She is passionate about policy and system-level change efforts that increase community food security and build sustainable food systems in Utah. She earned a Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota with specialties in urban planning and program evaluation, and has been working in food security/food systems in Minnesota, California and Utah for the past 12 years.
Hannah Goggin
Hannah Goggin (HG) is dedicated to building resilient food systems by reconnecting people back to local food and increasing access to fresh, healthy produce. Through her work with the Green Urban Lunch Box and now Utah Department of Health and Human Services, HG has been actively involved in the Utah food system for several years. She strives to facilitate communication between local farmers, community based organizations, and government agencies in order to strengthen food security for Utahns.
Hannah Martin, MPHN
Hannah Martin is a dedicated food systems professional deeply committed to driving systematic change within local food systems. With nearly a decade of experience, she has worked on diverse food system projects across Massachusetts, California, and Utah. She currently oversees the growth and development of three unique produce incentive programs. As a dedicated collaborator and a real-time problem solver, she has shown tremendous progress in advocating for food systems change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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