General Services (OAS)

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The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) oversees facility maintenance, risk management and motor pool services to ensure a safe and well run workplace.

General Services

The Office of Administrative Services oversees general services such as front desk services, receiving, mail delivery and distribution.



How To Check In

Come in the main door and stop at the Information Desk, located to the right of the main entrance. Sign in and receive a visitor's pass. We will call upstairs and let the people know you are here and they will either come down to meet you, or tell us to send you up. The elevator is located in the center of the atrium. 

Photo I.D. & Security Badges 

Applications are available at the Information Desk for the above badges. You will need to come and get an application and have your supervisor fill it out and sign it. We cannot issue badges without a supervisor's approval. Pictures are taken twice a day. These times are 9:45 AM and 2:45 PM. If these times do not meet your needs, please contact Motor Pool at 801-538-4687 to make other arrangements.

Referral Service

The DHS Administration Building Information Desk directs the numerous phone calls and visitors to the appropriate Department or Agencies. Our staff that work at the Information Desk are familiar with the many services available in the Department of Human Services and the community at large. Please let us know if you are having an event in the Multi Agency State Office Building so that we can direct them to your meetings, presentations, conferences, training, and provide those with questions about your available services.

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In conjunction with State Mail & Distribution Services (SMDS) we provide a full service mail processing and distribution operation. Incoming mail is received and sorted for delivery to agencies in the DHS Administration Building and other state agencies located in various locations throughout the state. Staff in the mail room will arrange to deliver these packages to agency and division offices. We are also available to assist and train all DHS employees that distribute mail within their facilities.

Rules For Mail Delivery

Please bundle and/or separate your outbound mail as follows, attaching a separate State Mail Authorization Card (SMA Card) to each bundle.

  • Computer Generated or Typed – All standard letter-size mail addressed mechanically,
    using appropriate font and addressing standards. This mail, if printed in a readable font and using the automation compatible standards will be processed on the Optical Character Reader (OCR) at a discounted postage rate.
  • Non-Readable (Hand Written) Mail – All standard letter-size mail addressed in a non-readable font or addressed by hand. This mail will not be processed on the OCR and does not qualify for postage discounts. Every effort is made to achieve automation discounts for our customers.  Therefore, we discourage hand-written addressing of official state correspondence.
  • Parcels and Flats – All mail exceeding the maximum dimensions of letter mail, and all packages, tubes, and boxes. If the items cannot be bundled together, please attach an SMA card to each item.
  • Other – Any mail that does not fit into one of the above four categories (i.e. foreign, Certified, Registered, Express, FedEx, and DHL).

Bundling Requirements

  • For automation purposes, all mail within the same bundle must be faced the same direction and all flaps must be either up or down.
  • Since State Mail cannot seal envelopes thicker than ¼” on automated equipment, the customer must seal all thick envelopes prior to sending them for postage.
  • To secure the bundle of mail during transport, a rubber band must be placed around all bundles of envelopes. Also, to secure the contents, all overstuffed pieces must be sealed prior to sending them to for processing.
  • To accommodate billing, postage and processing, a copy of an SMA card must be attached to each bundle.

For more information and guidelines about State Mail, visit State Mail Guidelines.