Motor Pool & Transportation


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The Department of Human Services provides staff with vehicles for business-related transportation. This includes motor pool or rental vehicles and eBike rentals. All who operate a state vehicle are responsible to follow all traffic laws and show courtesy on the road. For more information, please see the Appropriate Vehicle Use Policy.

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State Vehicles

To operate a state vehicle, you must be registered in Fleet Focus, have a valid driver license and pass the biannual Risk Management Driver Safety Test.

If you have any questions please contact Liz Riley ([email protected]) or Rebecca Stay ([email protected]) or call 801-538-4171. 

Reserve the vehicle as far in advance as possible to ensure one is available. If no vehicles are available at the time you make the reservation, you may either try another motor pool location or your name will be put on a waiting list and you will be called when a vehicle comes available. 



DHHS employees at the Multi-Agency State Office Building (MASOB) and Cannon Building can rent an eBike, at no cost, for local transportation needs. eBikes are electric pedal-assist bicycles, which means as the rider is pedaling, the bicycle’s electric motor is helping to turn the wheels.

To be eligible to use an eBike employees must have an active Fleet Operator ID, watch the eBike training video, and complete the release form.