Disabilities Ombudsman


About Us

We support people with disabilities and help them get the services they need and have legal rights to. We advocate for their rights and educate people about what those rights are.

What we do 

  • Listen
  • Educate
  • Mediate
  • Investigate
  • Advocate for change

Rights & Privileges

What are the rights of a person with a disability?

Persons with disabilities have the same rights as all people to non-discrimination, access, equality of opportunity, inclusion and full participation in society. These are the basic principles underlying the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Legal Resources

  • Utah State Law Library Matheson Courthouse 450 S. State Street, Room W-13 Call: (801) 238-7990 Text: (801) 432-0898 library@utcourts.gov
    • Free resources to research Utah laws, court rules, and cases, as well as assistance with navigating court forms and rules.
  • Utah Legal Services Monday–Friday 9:-00 AM–2:00 PM (801) 328-8891 www.utahlegalservices.org
    • Free legal help to eligible Utahns involved in: family law, public benefits, housing, consumer, expungement, senior, migrant farmworkers, and Native American law cases. No criminal matters are handled
  • Tuesday Night Bar Tuesday 5:30–7:00 PM (801) 297-7037 Utah Law & Justice Center 645 S. 200 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84111 www.utahbar.org
    • Free legal advice provided by volunteer attorneys on any topic, including criminal issues. Appointments are required; call to schedule an appointment at least one week in advance.
  • Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake (801) 328-8849 www.legalaidsocietyofsaltlake.org 
    • Low-cost and free legal representation for individuals in family law and domestic abuse cases. Apply online.

Complaint Process

Contact Us

Ombuds: Angie McCourt 

Phone: 801-538-4580 

Email: dhhscustomerexp@utah.gov

Multi-Agency State Office Building

195 N 1950 W 1st floor

Salt Lake City, Utah

Complaint Process

The Disability Ombuds reviews each complaint to determine next steps. The Disability  Ombuds will review, but may not investigate, every complaint.

How to file a complaint

On-line - built into the website

Phone 801-538-4580

Email dhhscustomerexp@utah.gov

Writing to 195 N 1950 W 1st floor

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tips for making a complaint



Check to make sure you are submitting your concern to the right agency

Provide the details of your concern - share the facts

Be clear and specific

State what you want as the result

Be polite

Be patient

Request Help

To get help from the Disabilities Ombuds, please fill out this form. You can tell us about a concern, make a complaint, or request information and resources. If you need any help filling out this form, please email dhhscustomerexp@utah.gov 

The Disabilities Ombuds is not an emergency service. If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, call 9-1-1.