Public Health Training Hub

At the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, we believe in innovation, support, accountability, connection, and impact. These values are why we created this training hub to help fulfill our vision of supporting and serving all individuals and communities in Utah through a seamless system of services and programs. This public health training hub supports the end of making sure all Utahns are healthy and safe.

DHHS also believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality public health information and education. Whether you're embarking on your journey to explore the field of public health or are seeking opportunities for professional growth and continuing education, we're here to help.

Discover Our Comprehensive Online Learning Catalog

We are proud to present a comprehensive catalog of online learning experiences that provide you with the chance to engage in the pursuit of a healthier world for all. Within this ever-expanding repository of resources, we offer a unique opportunity for learners to gain knowledge and develop skills across various public health topics and disciplines. What sets our platform apart is the privilege to learn directly from esteemed public health experts from across the nation.

Join us on this educational journey as we empower you to make a meaningful impact on public health. Together, we can strive for a healthier future.

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Technical Assistance?

How can PHIG help you today? We have a secret weapon to help propel this work forward - free technical assistance (TA)! 

Comprehensive TA is available related to workforce development, foundational capabilities, data modernization, and more to support programs and offices in fully realizing the potential of this transformative grant. 

PHIG's national partners, including ASTHO, NNPHI, and PHAB, offer customized consultations, connect peers with similar goals, provide tailored trainings, share proven tools and models, and deliver expertise across strategy areas like recruiting and training staff, planning systems enhancements, implementing data projects, and boosting organizational competencies. 

Check out the PHIVE TA Menu of Services for awesome examples of how TA can accelerate your objectives today! Whether you need guidance on strategic planning, workforce retention tactics, health equity assessments, maximizing IT systems, or any aspect of the PHIG, TA can fast-track your work by bringing evidence-based guidance and solutions right to your doorstep. Have a need? 

Complete the TA request form to unlock this invaluable resource and pave the way for breakthroughs. With targeted support from national experts, we can take the health department's mission higher than ever before!

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions for Improvement?

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions for Improvement? Please email

The Public Health Learning Hub is sponsored through the CDC Public Health Infrastructure Grant (PHIG), a five-year program administered by the Division of Population Health that will enhance the capacity and capabilities of state, local, and tribal public health agencies to effectively respond to public health challenges and emergencies. The program focuses on:

    • Workforce: recruit, retain, support, and train the public health workforce
    • Foundational Capabilities: strengthen systems, process, and policies
    • Data Modernization: deploy scalable, flexible, and sustainable technologies

For DHHS Employees, you can find additional resources in the DHHS Public Health Digital Library.

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