Welcome to DHHS!

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We're going to do great things together

To our new friends,

Thank you for joining the Department of Health and Human Services. You are coming to a department whose staff have the following values:

  • Accountability
  • Connection
  • Efficacy
  • Empathy

  • Equity
  • Impact
  • Innovation
  • Support

Learn more about the DHHS values with these printable/shareable posters

We asked staff what kind of culture we should have at DHHS. Here are our 5 guiding principles:

  • Staff are our most important stakeholder.

  • Respect everyone as individuals (customers, partners, each other) and the perspectives they bring.

  • Communicate the "WHY.”

  • We are leaders, learners, and problem solvers.

  • Road to success is through mistakes well handled.

Useful links, documents, and information

Transition Update

A report highlighting the first steps as well as as challenges and goals for the move to DHHS.
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Have a question?

Leadership has committed to holding regular Q&A time with staff. Have a question? Submit it here.

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Team DHHS intranet

Employee resources, HR links, timesheet and more. Log into your Utah ID to access.

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DHHS org charts

We're now about 6,200 strong. Check out how we're organized and who fits where.

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What we do

DHHS touches Utahns every day through our divisions, offices, and institutions.

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Meet our leaders

We created  a series of DHHS 101 shorts for anyone new to our department.

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