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Results Based Accountability (RBA) Measures



Jan 2024 Updates: 


  1. Space Utilization: Trend is on target. OAS is working through various Hybrid return to work projects in preparation for returning for the April 8th deadline. Many spaces have been reduced drastically and coordination efforts are proving successful.  
  2. Number of Audit recommendations unresolved after one year: Trend is maintaining 
  3. SharePoint Online: Trend is improving. Launched the first week of November. We have a few sites already up and running. The following sites were built on-premise but are being transitioned to SharePoint online: Internal Audit (launched), DFA (cash status, launched), APR , Grants/Revenue, Data Sharing Agreements (DSE is testing), PRISM (DIH is testing), WIC (launched), Travel (will go live in the next couple of weeks), Purchasing (testing now), Contracts. We have some new applications that weren't on-premise but are being built directly into SharePoint online: Constituent Services and CHS (both are done, the divisions are training and rolling out), Contract monitoring, SOW review.
  4. Successful Budget forecasting and coordination: Trend is on target. Budget coordination and forecasting has been ongoing since the beginning of the fiscal year, including submitting detailed budget changes and requests to the Governor's Office in September and working with DHHS operational units on FY24 forecasts since October. 


DFA Headline Performance Measures

Standard/ Target



Space utilization analysis and implementation will identify better usage of facilities with an expected outcome of reduced costs

Increase utilization and reduce costs for building support



Number of audit recommendations unresolved after one year. [ClearImpact Dashboard item]

Target: 5 (Aligned to DHHS Operations RBA)



SharePoint Online is launched by November 15, 2023- allowing for implementation of at least 4 SharePoint projects by January 1, 2024 (such as contracts, purchasing, travel, budget)

SharePoint Online will be successfully implemented by January 1, 2024. Four specific SharePoint projects will be identified and launched by the end of FY24.



Successful budget forecasting and coordination by their outlined and mandatory deadlines (see Standard/target)

All five tactics in Strategy 3, Objective 3 are completed by end of FY24