GRAMA Appeals

The DHHS Executive Director has designated the director of the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) as the Chief Administrative Officer for the purpose of addressing appeals of records access determinations under the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).

Deadline for filing a GRAMA appeal

30 days from the date of the agency’s denial or partial denial of your records request.

How to file a GRAMA appeal

No specific form is required, but your appeal must be in writing and must contain your name, your mailing address, your daytime telephone number and a statement of the relief you seek.

Send your appeal to:

Chief Administrative Officer

Department of Health and Human Services

195 North 1950 West

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Or by Email to:

[email protected]

Other Contact information

OAH Phone Number: 801-538-3900

Laws and rules:

  • Government Records Access Management Act: Utah Code Annotated, Title 63G, Chapter 2
  • GRAMA Appeals: Utah Code Annotated, Title 63G, Chapter 2, Section 4

      Open records requests

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