on immunizations, well-child checks, and health screenings.


Keep your kids healthy with a well-child check.

Wellness checkups are more than just checkups for babies or a schedule of when to get shots. Kids grow and develop quickly, and need to learn to do many new things during childhood and adolescence. You know your child best—and doctors know that. Wellness checkups are how you and a healthcare provider you trust can work together as a team to keep your child or teen safe, healthy, and developing the skills needed at different times in life. Click on your child’s age to find out which immunizations and health screenings your child needs at each age—or needs to catch up on.


Your body doesn't always give alerts to health problems, so get screened.

It’s important to get a wellness checkup every year because many health conditions don’t cause symptoms until they’re serious. Most serious health conditions and diseases can be prevented or are easier to treat if you catch them early.

Click on your age to find out which health screenings and immunizations you need right now—or need to catch up on.

Educational resources

Help others stay as healthy as possible by encouraging them to stay current on their health checks. Share the messages below with those you care about.

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