New Order Makes Hormonal Contraceptives Available to Utah Women Without a Prescription

(Salt Lake City, UT) – Under a standing order issued today by Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Executive Director Dr. Joseph Miner, adult women in Utah will be able to obtain selected contraceptive medications from participating pharmacies without needing a prescription. 

The standing order was authorized by Senate Bill 184, sponsored by Sen. Todd Weiler and passed by the State Legislature during the 2018 general session.

Once a pharmacist is enrolled in the program, women will be able to receive birth control pills, contraceptive patches, or vaginal rings from participating pharmacists after they complete a health history form, have their blood pressure taken, and talk with the pharmacist about which contraceptive method will work best for them. 

Patients will still be responsible for covering the cost of their medications and the consultation with their pharmacist, either by utilizing insurance coverage or paying out of their pocket.

“This standing order will remove some of the barriers many women encounter when trying to access family planning services,” said Dr. Miner. “My hope is that pharmacists throughout the state will take the time to educate themselves about the new program and participate in dispensing contraceptives to women who wish to receive them.” 

Before medications can be dispensed to women, pharmacists are required to complete an online training and must register with the UDOH. They will also be required to submit annual reports on their dispensing activities
Pharmacist registration and reporting is available at

The order also requires a patient to see a women’s health care provider at least once every two years if they wish to continue utilizing the standing order.

“While it’s important to remove barriers to care, it’s also important for all patients to have a relationship with a primary health care provider,” Dr. Miner went on to say.

Pharmacists and women wishing to receive birth control medications under the standing order can find more information about the program at Click here to view the most recent version of the standing order.

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