At DHHS, we believe in ensuring all individuals and communities in Utah have access to a system of services. Our services promote fair and equitable opportunities to live safe and healthy lives.

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Family services

Family services provide and promote resources and services to children and families through department agencies. Services assist with disabilities, mental and behavioral health, child support, financial stability, and more.


Child support

Disability services (DSPD)

Foster care

Kinship Care

Report child abuse or neglect

Stabilization & Mobile Response (988)


Youth services

The Youth Services model is a “no wrong door” approach to early intervention. Through this model, Utah delivers evidence-based individualized youth and family plans with early screening, assessment, plan management, and comprehensive access to services, all driven by the youth's and family's strengths and needs.

High Fidelity Wraparound

Juvenile competency

Juvenile Justice

Mental health resources and services for youth

Stabilization & Mobile Response

Youth in foster care

Youth Services Referral

Vaccine for Children Program

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Adult services

Adult services is a partnership between federal, state, and local programs to provide home and community-based services to millions of older persons. Utah Adult Protective Services has the responsibility and authority to investigate abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults.

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation

Caregiver support

Disability services (DSPD)

Governor's Century Club


Healthy aging classes

Long-term care ombudsman

Meals on Wheels

Mental health resources and services for adults

Senior centers

Senior events


Partner services

Partner Services include facility licensing to make sure child care and health care facilities follow important guidelines to protect people in their care. Services reduce the incidence of substance use disorders, suicide, and other behavioral health problems through support of local prevention coalitions, and evidence-based programs throughout Utah.

Child care licensing


DHHS Telehealth

Health facility licensing

Human services program licensing

Local health departments

Local substance use and behavioral health providers

Provider Central

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Administrative Services

Administrative services support operations, from protecting individuals who report concerns, to making sure the agency is a good steward of assets, funds, and complies with regulations, policies, and rules.

Care concerns (DCFS)

Continuous Quality and Improvement

Executive Director's Office

Finance and Administration

Internal Review & Audit